Jun 20, 2010

Yes we are

Stan Cooke's lunch

Flash drives

Burger brown and cheese yellow kicks.

How many times have you thought: “Damn, if only they could package the subtle, stylish look of a Happy Meal into a shoe, I’d get so laid”. Well clear your calendar stud, because the Japanese heard you loud and clear! These Burger Brown and Cheese Yellow Asics come complete with french fry insoles, and combine the ugliness of 1991 skate fashion with the unbridled cool of Ronald McDonald. Only money and confidence is more attractive to the opposite sex.

Fashionistas stay dipped for real

Run forrest run!!!

Fast food nails

We get more head than shampoo

Don't sleep

Oh but of course.

Tsk, tsk, tsk!!!

tv show

Apr 7, 2010

Beastie Boys 'Sabotage' HD Video

We digs this video of Sabotage by the legendary Beastie Boys. Check out the never seen before footage before and after the video.

Nov 22, 2009

Pretty Drastic

Alice in Zululand promises to be one hell of a gig. It's going to be at Arts on main downtown johazardousburg November 28 2009. There's a dope line-up of performers and DJ's. It's also a dress-up party, so do what it does and stick to the theme!!! Take-Away will probably show face to support the acts..

Oct 14, 2009

Take- Away interview with Lerato Ngakane

Interview with Stan Cooke and George Boundary for Take Away


When you order a take away it can mean one of two things: 1. you have no time for the superfluous rituals of dining. China, silver and crystal are mere words that don’t associate themselves with what it means to have a good meal, or 2. you are really passionate about the non ambient atmosphere of a take away joint, the sterile light, you like how it gets down to the business of eating without the numismatic niceties of undeserved tips, nor do you care for getting dressed to the nines to pay your hard earned spondulicks for stuff you cant pronounce.

Take away strips you to the core of your ravenous cravings and leads you to a fare of the familiar, its so nostalgic it does more than you expect. I want to describe Take Away as a meander through a trip-tronic field of musical influences that conjure a longing for music with meaning. Simple yet rhapsodic in style, they are the prototype of the legendary Mario brothers only in our time. So 80’s so revolutionary and setting the precedence for the now generation unknowingly. I got to catch up with them.

Finally, after numerous attempts, they are either in studio, cooking or there’s a vicious sounding woman barking for them to get off the phone before she strangles whoever’s on it through the phone. So eventually we settle on a day but let me correct that, a night. My directions lead me through a back alley, past unsavoury characters, who are seemingly waiting for a door to open. The same door I’m now knocking on. There’s a semblance of a natural order in this fractured mass and I seem to be the missing link. It also seems that this waiting has more to do with being feed on a physical and soul I’m hearing streams of music and conversation through the cracks under the door, so I’m getting agitated by the waiting I have to do. Suddenly a flood of light momentarily blinds me and I’m pulled into the warm, fresh smell of ravioli and the bare soul of music. The unsavoury characters receive brown paperbags and leave like they were never waiting.

I’m alone with the masterminds behind this purely conceptual sound. Stan and George.

Stan is offish, in a laid back but provocative kind of way. A hidden predator of sorts, a rogue with moody undertones, he strides across the room, sits and lets George, who’s a cross between gentleman-nerd-gangster in a perfectly balanced sort of way, get settled. The difference between these two are only peripheral, what flows beneath is the same current.

ME – You have a colourful history that puts you on the wrong side of the law, what is it about hip hop that’s made it all change

Stan – People wont even disagree with the way you voice yourself, or the way you kind of express yourself. We don’t bite our tongues any more (hesitates) I just try to be smarter things…still do the same things or even worse but I’m just smart about hiding them (laughs) but that’s just me

George – what was that question?

I repeat the question for his benefit and to make sure I’ll get the best possible answer and George doesn’t even blink. He concurs and adds

George – In hip hop, you have gangsters, you have teachers, you have bitches, and bitchass people, you have drug dealers, you have a cross section of society’s underbelly

Stan pitches in

Stan – They are coming for us you know, It’s the kind of thing where you realize that the whole hip hop mentality is you have to be your own government. And all governments have certain beneficiaries and certain laws are imparted in certain grounds to certain people. So because me and George are running our joint and a certain Mr. Shady Underground comes and asks to have a meeting that ‘never took place’ for certain amount of money…come on man, I’m gonna take it!!!

George – and that’s why we aren’t just rappers.

Stan – you know what I mean!! And that money goes to a good cause. It supports the arts, the shit we got going with the studio. So isn’t that good.

Me – It’s called being equivocal!

Stan – Exactly yonke in’to e wrong iright jumpas!! ( what’s wrong is right in the dark)

George – Midnight! Ha Kuna extortion e loksion! ( at midnight there’s no extortion in the township)

Stan – That’s what’s up, we need to balance the two beasts because we street cats. And we know what’s up, I aint calling no names though but Sergeant____________ (name is not printed to protect the identity of the person) you know you come through

George – And that’s why we aren’t just rappers, we have this spot, we are entrepreneurs, you gotta make it work, we aren’t the sort of rappers who just rap and don’t sell albums and don’t have shit to do, we always have a plan b

Stan – plan c. d. e. f. g up to z and then we start adding numbers to the alphabet, that’s how many plans we’ve got.

I know these two gentlemen have a reputation for being bad-ass but at the same time, there has to be a gentler more easy going side to balance things out.

ME – So what’s your flavour? Chocolate? Vanilla? Caramel?

George – We are actually tiramisu enthusiasts, we love a whole lot of things but tiramisu is what the ladies love!

Stan – but on the individual side of things, Stan love him some good ole chocolate! Then some of that vanilla, caramel…

George – Toffee…

Stan – Toffolux, nine nine (that’s the truth) Tall and slender and just so exotic…

George – Robust flavours…mmmmm

Stan – Them betties that stand with that cat woman stance…dammmmnnn back to the tiramisu

George – Tiramisu is one of the tracks that you need to look out for, its coming out soon – We are into everything. We don’t discriminate but when you listen to tiramisu kisses, you’ll know exactly how we feel about it all. Its for the ladies and the ladies love tiramisu and we love the ladies!!

Stan – and the ladies love the cooks!

Me – Where’s your headspace when you aren’t making music?

George – Online

Stan – Checking out vintage cars, vintage clothing stores, hit the market for fresh supplies, fashion show, parties –we party hard!

George – Electronic gigs

Me – but you guys are old!!!!

And they are both quick to respond

George – We are young at heart! We are born old yet we are futuristic. We like electro, we still into disco, we still love 80’s bubble gum, Ali Kat and the likes of them. James Brown Rick James ( Stan pipes in: BITCH) Millie Jackson, Sly Stone, Harare…

Stan – We love the new stuff too, MT Kidu, OK Malume

George – and a lot of that African Dope stuff, Electric M.E.L.T, Blue room…

Stan – Who said Hefner’s old, that nigger still parties, we’ve slowed down though

George – We party in our aprons

Stan – And the betties…

Me – And what’s a typical day like for you, how do you balance hip hop and the shop?

George – Its busy, and its nice coz we have the studio at the back of the shop. We are never too far from it. Its not a part time thing this thing. We deliver ( you from evil) and we deliver the food. It’s a take away, there’s never a dull moment. We are always writing in between checking the bills and making sure that things are running smoothly.

Stan – Its an early day, starts at 3am and sometimes doesn’t end til the 1 am because of gigs and parties!

George – and that’s why we always try and incorporate the music with the shop. We use the shop as a venue as to keep everything in the family.

Stan – Its business as usual…no need for tips, we give the tips, like lay off the gravy lady!

George – Stay off them chips!

Stan – look at those hips!

George – You know who you are indulging on that tiramisu!!!!!

Me – They’ve been contested rumours about one of you being admitted into a mental institution for an undisclosed period of time because of a woman! Who was it, when did it happen and why?

Stan cracks up

Stan - it was George

George suddenly looks forlorn and has a manic glaze in his eyes but he’s soon back to himself…

George – Yeah I did some time but its all in the past now. I don’t like dwelling in the past. Stan worked in the kitchen there and he really took me through it. He did a better job than all those shrinks put together. There was that whole thing that I had escaped in the papers, but it was all fake. I had someone do pretend to be me, and I hid throughout the frenzy. There was no way I could escape, the security is way too tight there. There were a lot of things going down in that place, my life was under threat coz I knew too much so I came up with the plan of a faked escape. While in hiding in the kitchen, Stan cooked up some mad ideas about the female nurses in the institute. We made it a track called Banyana (girls) I must admit, the nurses were hot, all up in your face on that Gucci and Prada get up, Christian Louboutin Stilletos!! Our video concept is going to be based on that experience.

Me – and who is this woman?

George – it was a couple of them

Stan – it was a planned coup, a revenge plot on my man George! There was actually a legitimate signed document for George’s admittance into the institution. They had someone inside, possibly someone with a grudge!!

George – It was one of my ex’s, I’ll never know who. Its all so hazy, I remember being injected with a sedative every two hours, I was a zombie man, someone was trying to put me down!!! But I came through and now we’ve got Take Away, and we here to stay

Stan – but we coming for you bitches…

Me – what are your biggest vices?

Stan – Mine are pastries, chocolate…guns are nice

George – Women, dessert, burgers. I LOVE POLYSTYRENE. I can’t use china or any breakables, I’m strictly into plastic and polystyrene. I hate dishes. I love art, had a couple of deals go botched, bad investments but I came through…I’ve got a couple of my favourite pieces on our blog, I spend a lot of money on art, its all worth it!!

Me – And the future gentlemen, where do you see yourselves?

George – we are in the studio right now, we are looking at itunes, napster, emusic, mtnxploaded. We are taking this shit to an international playing field, national is too small for us. We are cutting out the middle man, if we can cook up our own shit, we can deliver our own shit. There’s a street mixtape coming out, for free, free digital downloads in the pipeline, we are dropping an EP and guess what…its also free. The full album will be ready soon so look out for it. And of course, the videos

Stan – And the brand grows, point is, there’s a take away joint, everywhere and anywhere in the world, and any take away joint you see, ubona thina (u see us)

George – Everytime you mention the words ‘take away’, remember us coz that’s who we are

Stan – the cornerstone meal of life on the streets

And that’s it. I walk away having taken away insight on who they are and what their aspirations are. The essence of Take Away is bringing a new way of interacting with music. It functions on more than just the auditory level. Its visual, its oral, you can smell it, taste it and definitely, you can feel it. A classic ahead of its time.

Stan – there’s a naked cook off in an hour…if you like